We own all of our dogs and employ all of our handlers. This allows us to ensure the quality of our dogs, develop the best working relationship between our dogs and their handlers, and provide cost effective solutions to clients in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Our canine operations are held to the operational standards.

Our canine protection and detection services complement our other security products, such as manned guarding and response services.

We have several breeds of dogs that are trained in intruder detection, searching, patrolling and handler protection. The working abilities of all our dogs are constantly assessed, and all of our dog handlers.

TT Security also provide dog breeding services and supply, performing dog training programs and dog saloon services so as to make sure that the appearance and health of our dogs is perfectly maintained, further more we manufacture and supply dog food and consultancy in dog keeping.


We have well trained and motivated security guard in uniform with whistle and club they always on duty for 24 hours, and they are supported by well minded site supervisors who use motor vehicles and cars to make regular site welfare checks to the guards throughout the day and night, so as to make sure that they protect our clients’ staff, properties and assets. But it also means offering outstanding customer service, being able to adapt to different situations, and being the point of contact with authorities and emergency services in the event of an incident.


TT Security company Ltd, we provide a full Armed Guards who went under special training on the use of guns, and they are certified with their experiences. We hope our armed guards once they are deployed they will work to make sure that the need and desire of the customer is met

Furthermore, TT Security using our armed guards we provide security escort to travelling staffs, transportation of industrial machines and other materials that the customers will feel to be vulnerable this is done to and from the site.

The role of the armed guard is to ensure the protection of the valuable goods he transports. He or she must be in good physical condition and able to follow highly regulated procedures that ensure safe operations.


TT Security, to make sure that we deriver our services to every customer who is motivated and interested to work with us, we have security guard without uniform who are deployed on client’s request, they always be on duty for 12 hours and our non-uniformed security guard are capable to handle and control insecurity issues on the client’s working environments.

We hope our services will meet your desired goals and expectations, get in touch and feel great to work with us.


Training is an issue we take very seriously, TT Security training division make sure all expected staff go through an intensive training programs, training is conducted by specialized trainers with experience in security industry, therefore all our recruits are tested to the limit of physically mentally and academically, only the dedicated and fit passes through training are deployed to different assignment.